Friday, 9 May 2014

Airports Authority of India Releases CNS Manual

Airports Authority of India has brought out a Communication and Navigational Services (CNS ) Manual to meet the growing challenge of the overall safety, availability and reliability of critical Air Navigation Services (ANS) infrastructure maintained by the organisation. In the Manual, the existing guidelines on lightning, surge protection and earthing system for CNS/Air Traffic Management(ATM) facilities have been reviewed in line with prevalent international and national standards.
This CNS  Manual  covers  lightning, surge protection,  earthing and bonding systems to be adopted for CNS/ATM facilities  with solid state components  which are more susceptible to damage due to surges, transients and over voltage. The recommendations specifically cover the following:
(a)    Protection of sensitive electronic CNS/ATM facilities from lightning, resulting from a lightning strike to the building or its associated services installations;
(b)   Protection of buildings or structures housing CNS facilities against lightning strike;
(c)     Protection of sensitive electronic CNS/ATM facilities from lightning/induction surges and spikes resulting from a lightning strike, power switching etc.
(d)   Earthing and bonding system to be adopted for CNS/ATM facilities ; and
(e)    Maintenance procedures/practices to be followed for maintenance of  lightning , surge protection and earthing system.

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