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Benefits of booking ads via The Booking House:

The Booking House is one of the excellent site to book online Newspaper classified text and display ads, in which you can book any type of ads from anywhere in the world. There are so many advantages of online booking of an ad. Here, we suggest you many advantages, to make you understand that now a days like many other works, ads booking is also done online. By online booking of ad, you can:

  • Save your time by physical travels in office to office to ad booking.
  • Save your money easily  without wasting your vehicle’s fuel.
  • Know the accurate ads price instantly in one click for number of Newspaper.
  • Have access to all the leading Indian Newspapers.
  • Book your ads in few seconds from anywhere and anytime in the world.
  • Get different and attractive layouts for your ads.
  • Get fastest reply by service provider.
  • Online pay the amount in few seconds and get tension free from the matter of offline payment.
  • View ad history and preview your ads.
  • Get the security and protection for your online payment.
  • Advertise any type of ads.
  • Get the information about the publication, in which you are booking ads.
  • If you want to change your ad, you can email with your changed ad matter.
  • Edit and republish your ads anytime.
  • Not to worry for leaving urgent work.
  • See the FAQ’s page, if you have any doubt about your ads.
So, here are many advantages for you to online booking of ads. You can choose any category and sub-category for your ads. There are 4 simplest step of booking. To know the steps, please visit at and click on “ How to book” on the home page.
The Booking House provides you FAQ’s page also , in which you can clear your all doubts about your ads. It gives you online payment gateway, which is secured and protected from all dangerous. You can pay the amount easily without wasting of your time in simple one click. Now the booking work is done at home. It helps to reduce your burden by save your money and time, which is very important in all human’s life.

It also provides you many tips for your ads, by which you will understand, what type of ads, should I advertise. There are so many do’s and don’ts, which helps you and your ads. To know that Do’s and Don’ts, please click on “ Tips for Ads” on the home page at the bottom.This online service gives you the opportunity of your benefits. So take advantages at Visit us at this site. We are always ready to provide you these benefits. If you want to provide us any suggestions, then please suggest at We respect of your suggestions. 

Comparison between online and offline advertisement..
There are two type of advertisement- online and offline advertisement. In which, online 
 advertisement is in trend. Now due to the most works are done on internet, hence mostly 
business men prefer online advertisement in comparison of offline advertisement.

Here, we are suggesting you the simple and big difference between online and offline 
  • Through online advertising, you can access to all leading Indian Newspaper, while in offline advertisement, you cannot access instantly. 
  • With the help of online advertisement, those people who cannot read newspapers or watch television, can also watch your advertisement on internet but in offline advertisement these chances of public’s view on your ads are less. 
  • Online advertisement helps to reduce your burden of physically travels in office to office, while offline advertisement increases your burden of travels. 
  • Online booking provides you most secured online gateway of payment in comparison of offline payment way. 
  • Book your ads from anywhere and anytime through online advertisement, but via offline advertisement you cannot book your ads from anywhere and anytime, because of some rules and regulations of publication office, such as timing of office etc. 
  • Internet advertisement is efficient way for advertiser to advertising the ads, in comparison of offline advertisement. 
  • In online advertisement, you can advertise your ads from home or any place, from you want but in offline advertisement, you have to come to the publication’s office, leaving your urgent work and wasting your expensive time. 
  • Online advertisement also helps to save your fuel, which is used in going to office – office, but in offline advertisement, your fuel is wasted, that’s simply mean is wastage of money. 
  • In online advertisement, advertisers and users get fastest response from each other, in comparison of offline advertisement. 
  • Internet advertisement provides the accurate price instantly for your ads in one click for number of Newspaper, in comparison of offline advertisement. 
  • In this, with online payment option, you can online pay the amount and get tension free, from the matter of offline payment, in which you have to travel for pay the amount. 
  • Here you can preview your ad’s history in online ads but in offline ads you cannot see quickly your ad’s history. 
  • Through internet, you can get the important information about the publication, in which you want to book your ads but without internet, it becomes so difficult to get such information. 
  • In online advertisement, You can edit and republish your ads anytime but you cannot edit your ads in offline advertisement. And for republish your ad, you have to come again to the publication’s office.  
  • Get different and attractive layouts for your ads in online advertisement. 
  • In online advertisement, if you want to change your ad, you can email with your changed ad matter, but in offline advertisement, the advertisement will not change quickly and you have to leave your urgent work when going for booking ads. 
  • With the help of online advertisement, if you have any doubt about your ads, you can see the FAQ’s Page on the Home Page and take any help from us, when in offline advertisement, you cannot clear your doubts easily. 
  • You can save your precious time for another urgent work with online booking of ads but not in offline booking. 
How to create attractive classified ad:

Classified print ads are among your best choices for effective marketing. Here are 3 ways to turn your ads into real money-makers.

Smart business owners have relied on print ads for generations. While customers often do other things while they watch TV or listen to the radio, they usually put their full concentration into reading print.

1. Use A Headline 

Your headline gets attention. Your headline is large-print words usually at the top of the ad. Its main purpose is to pull eyes toward your ad.

Here are some good ways to write effective headlines:

• Announce a new development. An exciting new product or inventive feature will grab attention.

• Ask a question. A question like "Do you work too much?" encourages the reader to mentally answer your ad. This gets the reader involved. The more your prospect is involved with your ad, the better it sells.

• Point out your best benefit. What is the one thing about your product or service that really HELPS customers. Announce that benefit briefly in your headline. Then your ad copy can explain the benefit further.

2. Your Body Copy

This is the main part of your ad. It explains your offer, lays out the most attractive features of your
 product or service, and connects those features to exciting benefits the customer will receive.

People read lower case letters faster than they read capitals. STAY AWAY FROM LONG SENTENCES IN ALL CAPITALS (like this one).

In classified ad copy, sentences can be short. Two and three word sentences are fine. Start each sentence with an action word.

3. Provide A Visual 

For thousands of years people all over the world have learned by looking at pictures. A visual is simply the quickest and easiest way to get your message across to the maximum number of prospects.

Graphics also get attention. One rock musician built a big audience by putting up fliers that featured a picture of him jumping off a building. That simple ad got attention and produced big results over time. Use a graphic that compliments your headline. The graphic and headline should work together to deliver a richer message.

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