Monday, 18 November 2013

‘Animation is a splendid medium to make children films’, says Fauzia Minallah

Fauzia Minallah
‘Animation is a splendid medium for making children films ’Said Fauzia Minallah, a jury member for animation category at the 18th ICFFI. 

Fauzia is an artist, author and peace activist from Sirikot in the North Western part of Pakistan. Explaining about her experience with the children film festival, she said that ‘Festival is being organized in a grand manner and every moment is entertaining’. 

“My time is dedicated to sharing the art with the children. I am also trying to organize the art workshops and providing the picture books for free of cost to them on behalf of my organization named ‘Funkor Childart Center’.” she added. 

She developed a cartoon character for children, Amai, the magical bird, is made of light and a million tiny stars. The 9/11 attacks in US inspired her to write, illustrate and produce a book for children. 

Fauzia connects herself very well with Hyderabad. “I find Hyderabad very clean. The architecture is very good. I would love to visit this place again,” she said. 

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