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Advertise Your Business with Page Three Back End Mobile Apps

Mobile app
What is a Back End Mobile Apps: Private, productivity-centered mobile apps are helping forward-thinking enterprises to be more efficient and competitive, all over the world.
You won’t find these apps in the app store or publicly available – these are mobile apps used by Enterprise to help their employees be more productive and efficient
Popularly referred to as “Back End Mobile Apps”, the dramatic growth in private mobile enterprise solutions in recent years is saving organizations thousands of dollars and making companies more competitive through increased productivity, data management and efficiency.

Increase your website visibility and sale
E Commerce, News, Tv Channel,Bloggers  and any other product selling web sites can be integrated into our app easily you can Communicate valuable information to your customers about your products and services.Our app updates automatically as you publish new content.
Share Your Photos from Flickr, Facebook, Picasa, and Foursquare Photo streams via our app to display your product to your customer.Share your YouTube, Vimeo, and Ustream video channels, playlists via our app to display your product to your customer.
Our famous ‘share app’ tab allows mobile visitors to share  app with others instantly via social networks including Twitter, Facebook and Google+, or by emailing a link to the app and/or QR Code from their mobile device.
Marketing Benefits:
There’s not much on the web more powerful than instant social sharing tools. Leverage Twitter and other social networks to engage mobile customers with special signup offers, product launches and more to engage customers and drive new visits to your your products via our app.
Our app  includes its own QR Code for instant excess use.
When  mobile user scans our QR Code our app launches instantly to their touch phone or tablet browser.
Why wait, ask your audience to wait on downloads? Use our QR Code to connect – instantly.
Mobile Couponing:
Increase Sales through our Mobile App.A Mobile coupon is an electronic ticket delivered by mobile phone that can be exchanged for a financial discount or rebate when purchasing a product or service.
Customarily, coupons are issued to be used in retail stores as a part of sales promotions.Coupons can also be used to attract customers to entertainment attractions (events, concerts, museums, etc) and services (beauty shops, spas, etc).The customer redeems the coupon by showing the coupon displayed on their Mobile Device.
Types of Deals: Set amount of money discount,Free,Buy-one-get-one-free,Multiple-purchase. The consumer is required to buy more than one of a given product.
Coupon Advantages:Drive traffic to stores/events/entertainment attractions/services,Add value to a Sale,Direct discount to the consumer.
Phone Call and Email facility:
Connect to mobile customers with your phone, email via our app's.We can create a contact  form for you , Your customer can contact you directly and send you a mail from our app.( for this extra feature kindly refer our Prices Page).We can  also customise and integrate your location on google Map with your Company address  OR Product Page.So that Your new customer can EASILY find you.find your location instantly on our app.( for this extra feature kindly refer our Prices Page).

Supporting Devices:

Apple Touch Phones and Tablets
Our app supports all Apple iOS™ touch phones and tablets. Apple (iOS) Device Support.
Apple (iOS) Device Support includes:
AppleTV 2
Android Touch Phones and Tablets
Our app supports all Android™ touch phones and tablets. Popular Android Brands:
Sony Ericsson
Blackberry Touch Devices
Our app supports modern Blackberry™ touch phones. Includes Blackberry models:
All future Blackberry models (Blackberry 10+)
Windows Phone
Our app supports all Windows 8 Devices. Includes Windows 8 devices:
Surface RT
Windows 8 Phone
Windows 8
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