Monday, 26 May 2014


The following arrangements have been put in place to facilitate media covering the swearing-in ceremony of the Prime Minister. 

All invited mediapersons are requested to report to National Media Centre, Raisina Road, New Delhi LATEST BY 1430 hrs. Special media buses have been arranged for smooth transfer of media from National Media Centre to Rashtrapati Bhawan. Parking facility for media is available at National Media Centre. 

The last batch of mediapersons will depart from the National Media Centre at 1500 hrs, after which it may not be possible to facilitate media. 

Media persons are requested to carry entry pass issued by Rashtrapati Bhavan along with their PIB accreditation card (or organization photo identity card in case of non-accredited media). 

As mobile phones are not allowed at Rashtrapati Bhawan, media persons may deposit their mobiles at the collection counter at National Media Centre. Laptops and data cards are also not permitted at the programme venue. However, pen and notepad can be carried to the venue. Still photographers and permitted TV crews may carry the required equipment, including Live-U to facilitate live coverage. 

As per instructions received from President’s Secretariat, media persons are required to be seated at the venue by 1530 hrs. Seating for correspondents and positions for electronic media on the stands is on first-come first-serve basis. Media is expected to remain seated at the earmarked area throughout the function. 

After the function, similar transport arrangements will be in place. Media persons are requested to assemble at Gate No. 4 (the alighting point) at the end of the function. 

In view of the prevailing hot weather conditions, media may consider bringing caps and headscarves. 


Photographers should carry large focal length lenses (about 400–600 mm) to get pictures in view of the position of the media stand. 

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