Sunday, 27 October 2013

Telecom Subscribers increases to 83.94% in August

The proportion of VLR subscribers is approximately 83.94% of the total wireless subscriber base reported by the service providers at the end of August 2013. For the month of July 2013 the figure was 83.60%. As per the latest telecom subscription data (as on 31st August 2013) released by the Telecom Regulatory Authority of India (TRAI), out of the total 876.72 million wireless subscribers in the country, 735.88 million were active on the date of Peak VLR for the month of August 2013. 
Service Provider wise, Idea leads the tally with 97.80% followed by Vodafone (95.94%) and Bharti (95.05%). Circle-wise, Maharashtra has the highest proportion of VLR subscribers with 89.82% followed by Assam (88.45%) and West Bengal (88.02%). TN (including Chennai) has the lowest proportion with 73.47%

.Overall Teledensity in the Country Increased from 73.54  to 73.60 at the End of August 
With the number of telephone subscribers in the country increasing to 906.18 million at the end of August 2013, the overall Teledensity in India has increased from73.54 at the end of July, 2013 to 73.60 at the end of August, 2013. As per the latest data released by TRAI on telecom subscribers, the subscription in the urban areas slightly declined from 548.92 million in July, 2013 to 548.90 million at the end of August, 2013. Subscription in rural areas increased from 355.54 million to 357.27 million during the same period. The monthly growth rate of urban and rural subscription is - 0.003% and 0.49% respectively. The overall urban Teledensity has decreased from 146.02 to 145.78 whereas Rural Teledensity increased from 41.63 to 41.80. 

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