Saturday, 13 April 2013

Anarchist groups claim sending bomb to Italian daily

Rome, April 13  Two anarchist outfits have claimed responsibility for a parcel bomb delivered to the offices of the La Stampa newspaper in Italy's Turin city.
In a letter sent to the Secolo XIX daily in Genova, the Informal Anarchist Federation (FAI) and the International Revolutionary Front said they had sent the bomb to the newspaper's office.
The letter called La Stampa "an organ of the regime" and termed journalists as "hacks".
The groups also claimed responsibility for a letter bomb sent to a police investigative agency in the northern city of Brescia.
The letter, published on Secolo XIX's website, referred to Roberto Adinolfi, chief executive of Italian nuclear power company Ansaldo.
"We targeted those providing the technology of repression, who are guilty of evil and causing suffering, like the lousy moneygrubber Adinolfi," it read.
Anti-terrorist police investigating the message said that the parcel bomb was "dedicated" to two FAI members, Alfredo Cospito and Nicola Gai, who were arrested in September for shooting Adinolfi in the leg.
La Stampa's offices were evacuated after police said the package was not a hoax and only failed to explode due to an electrical fault.

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